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The Kettle Pond Writers’ Conference takes place on the campus of Paul Smith’s College, located approximately thirteen miles from the city of Saranac Lake. The campus is relatively flat and located on the edge of The Lower St. Regis Lake. You can find more about Paul Smith’s on their website and more about accessibility can be found here. Directions to Kettle Pond can be found here. 



Housing is provided in shared dorms. Rooms are always singles, but are part of a shared apartment that includes a functional kitchen with some basic utensils and cooking implements. There is also laundry available (see more in the F.A.Q.). 



Meals will be provided in the on-campus dining hall. Beer and wine will be available for purchase after the readings at the on-campus bar. Coffee is available at all meals. 



At Kettle Pond, we offer a variety of different recreational activities, included in the cost of the conference:

  • Access to on-campus gym 

  • Canoe and kayak rentals (daily)

  • Yoga classes at the on-campus gym with Emma Rojas

  • Miles of hiking trails to explore

  • Paul Smith’s Visitor Interpretive Center (VIC), with a butterfly house, trails, and lean-to camping

  • Bonfire pit 

Writing Space

While on campus, writers have access to the college library, where they can find free printing and quiet nooks for writing. 


Other Essentials

On-campus there is a small drug store with basics like snacks, some medications, and toiletries, should you forget any essentials. Keep in mind, though, that Saranac Lake is the closest town and is thirteen miles away by car. There is a small deli and a few restaurants in a nearby town, which is still about two miles away by car. If you’re traveling by plane, train, or bus, we recommend keeping in mind that Paul Smith’s is relatively secluded when you’re packing. (If you have an urgent need, staff can help you get a ride to town).

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