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After the challenges of the pandemic, Kettle Pond is incredibly grateful to return to Paul Smith's campus this summer after several years away. We are working with the college to relaunch our full workshop offerings (and more!) in 2024.


For the 2023 Residency we have decided to offer a version of the conference that focuses on giving more writing time and offering Generative Workshops that don't require advance manuscripts. The 2023 Residency schedule will still feature daily faculty lectures, participant writer readings, industry talks, and social events. Room, board, access to campus facilities, recreational opportunities, and all events remain included in Kettle Pond's tuition, allowing writers to prioritize their work, free of the concerns of their lives outside of the Residency. Our programming is primarily focused on fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, however; writers working in any genre (i.e. playwriting, screenwriting, young adult, or other forms of storytelling, etc) or on any other writing project are welcome to apply. Fellowships are available for writers in need of financial assistance.

APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2023 RESIDENCY AT KETTLE POND WRITERS' ARE DUE JUNE 14. Please contact our staff with any questions about deadlines or extensions. 


Prospective writers are encouraged to refer to our Sample Schedule, FAQ, descriptions of this year's Writers' Residency, and the Generative Workshops, and to contact the conference directly with any questions they may have. 


We look forward to reading your applications and seeing many of you in the Adirondacks next month!

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