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All writers applying to Kettle Pond who require financial assistance to attend the conference will need to submit a Fellowship Application, in addition to their Conference Application, to be considered for funding. Applicants should refer to the Fellowship Eligibility and Fellowship Application Timeline sections below before filling out their applications. Prospective fellowship applicants should also refer to our Tuition page and FAQ for details on program costs and what conference tuition covers (pretty much everything) as they prepare their requests for assistance.


Kettle Pond is committed to offering need-based fellowship assistance whenever possible to writers who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference. Standard tuition amounts vary depending on whether the writer is taking part in the Writers’ Residency or placed in one of The Workshops, and in the latter case which type of workshop they will be attending (long-form, short-form, or generative). Accordingly, Fellowship assistance will vary based on the need of the writer applying and the cost of the workshop/residency they are applying to. ​

Fellowships at Kettle Pond are not intended to serve as measures of prestige or to reflect the merit of a writer’s work, but are meant to expand and strengthen our writing community by creating greater access. Requests for fellowship assistance should be made according to what the writer is able to pay to attend, and amounts of assistance will be awarded in the form of a partial tuition waiver. Deposit waivers are highly unusual; in rare circumstances deposit reductions or deferments have occurred on a case by case basis after a Fellowship has been awarded and the recipient has been in touch with conference staff. Kettle Pond does not offer fellowships in specific amounts, but determines the amount of fellowship assistance offered depending on the cost of the workshop or residency to which the writer is applying to attend, availability of both overall fellowship funds and space in the the workshop or residency, and the strength of the writer’s fellowship application.

We respectfully ask all fellowship applicants to be candid and thoughtful in their requests for financial support to ensure we are able to support as many writers as possible.



Fellowship applications share most deadlines with workshop and residency applications. We encourage writers to submit their Fellowship Applications by the early deadline whenever possible, as this increases the likelihood of an offer of funding. While not always possible, writers who apply for funding under the early deadline are also much more likely to receive offers of support earlier than those who submit their applications at the final deadline, as this will allow the accepted writer more time to prepare for payment deadlines and to discuss options for financing their conference attendance with our staff. 


March 7: Early Fellowship Assistance Deadline

April 25: Final Fellowship Application Deadline

May 2: All Fellowship Applicants Notified of Funding Availability

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