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Q: When is the Kettle Pond Writers’ Conference?
A: The 2019 conference will take place June 22-29.

Q: Where is the Kettle Pond Writers’ Conference?
A: The Kettle Pond Writers’ Conference is happy to call Paul Smith’s College in Paul Smith’s, New York, home. Paul Smith’s is located in the Adirondack Park, 13 miles from Saranac Lake, NY and 20 miles from Lake Placid, NY. More information on the location and transit options can be found here

Q: I’m applying for a workshop but would like to attend Kettle Pond as a Resident if I am not offered a place in my workshop of choice. Do I need to apply for both?
A: The option to select the Writers’ Residency as a second or third choice is embedded in the workshop application form. If you have already applied and did not select this option but still wish to attend as a Resident if you are not admitted to the workshop(s) you applied to, please send us an email to let us know. You do not need to separately fill out the application for the Writers’ Residency.

Q: How much does the conference cost? 
A: Conference tuition varies depending on whether the applicant wishes to attend a long or short form workshop or the residency. Please see information on conference tuition here.

Q: What is included in the price of the conference? 
A: Conference tuition includes room and board for the entire week, all conference events, and access to campus academic and recreational facilities. Tuition is designed to be all-inclusive to allow writers to fully immerse themselves in the experience of the conference. Prospective applicants can find information on campus housing and facilities here.

Q: Are there scholarships or fellowships available?
A: Yes, Kettle Pond offers a limited amount of need-based fellowship support. Writers interested in applying for financial aid should read our fellowship guidelines here


Q: Where is Paul Smith’s College?
A: Paul Smith’s College is located in Paul Smith’s, New York, inside the Adirondack Park. Campus is 13 miles from Saranac Lake, NY and 20 miles from Lake Placid, NY. More information on the location can be found here

Q: How do I get to Paul Smith’s College?
A: Information on travel to Paul Smith’s College can be found here.

Q: Can Kettle Pond help with travel expenses?
A: Unfortunately, Kettle Pond is currently unable to assist writers with travel expenses; however, we will make an effort to connect writers wishing to ride-share to the conference once admissions are finalized. Drivers and writers interested in this option are encouraged to contact the conference in advance; more formal information regarding ride-sharing will be distributed later in the spring.


Q: I’d like to attend but I am not sure if my manuscript fits any of the workshops you offer. What should I do?
A: We expect most writers’ work will be at home in one of our workshops. Writers who are unsure where their work might fit best are encouraged to email the conference directly or to make a note in their application detailing their concerns. Poets who are unsure if their manuscripts will fit one of the more traditional workshops might consider the generative poetry workshop. Attending the writers’ residency may also be a good option for writers of all genres who wish to attend and devote more time to writing and/or attending other conference events.

Q: Is there an application fee?
A: No. Kettle Pond is committed to removing as many barriers to access of our writing community as possible. In keeping with this philosophy, we pledge to never charge an application fee. 

Q: When will offers of admission go out? When will I be notified if I’ve gotten into the workshop of my choice?
A: Please see our application timeline here.

Q: Do I need to send my entire manuscript when I apply?
A: No, applicants to Kettle Pond should submit work samples in the genre of the workshop they are applying for. These work samples are for admissions purposes, final writing samples will be due following acceptance to the conference. Information on the application process can be found here.

Q: May I send a paper application or do I have to apply online?
A: We strongly encourage all interested writers to apply online through our application form. Writers who have questions about the application form should contact the conference directly to explain their specific situation or concerns. 

Q: How do I apply for fellowship support? 
A: Instructions on fellowship applications can be found here.

Q: On what qualifications are offers of fellowship support based?
A: Fellowship awards are entirely need-based. You can find more information on applying for a fellowship here.

Q: When will I be notified if I have received a fellowship?
A: Please see 0ur application timeline here.

Q: Can I apply for a fellowship retroactively after I have been accepted?
A: Writers may apply for fellowships at any time prior to the fellowship application deadline; applications for admission need not be submitted concurrently with fellowship applications, though we encourage writers in need of fellowship support to apply for it as early as possible because fellowship funding is limited. Please note that the Writers’ Residency deadline is later than the fellowship application deadline and writers interested in fellowships should apply to both by the fellowship deadline.

Q: I missed the deadline for the application and/or fellowship. Can I still apply? 
A: Because Kettle Pond has a rolling admissions process we encourage all interested writers to apply as early as possible. Based on waitlist movement or other unforeseen factors we may accept late applications, though writers should not assume this will be the case, and it is likely that no fellowship funding will be available after the stated deadline. Please see our application page for up to date information or email the conference directly with questions if you have missed the application or fellowship deadlines, and note that the application deadline for the Writers’ Residency option is later than that for workshops.


Q: What are the page limits for your workshops?
A: Page limits vary by workshop, but basic guidelines for prose are 225 pages max for long-form prose workshops and 25 pages for short-form prose workshops, 75 pages max for poetry manuscripts, and 5 poems max for the poems workshop. More information on application guidelines can be found here

Q: Are there page minimums for manuscripts?
A: That depends on the workshop and the faculty member leading it. Applicants who are unsure if their manuscripts fit the workshop they are applying to should contact the conference directly with specific questions about their proposed manuscripts.

Q: I am interested in the short fiction/essay workshop but I write very short pieces. May I submit multiple pieces in my manuscript?
A: Yes! Flash and other short lease begin each new piece on a separate page and adhere to the maximum page count guidelines when you submit your manuscript.

Q: My manuscript is longer than the page limit. Is there any way I can submit all of it?
A: We encourage writers to adhere to all page limit guidelines and edit when necessary. In rare circumstances and with faculty permission, accommodations can be made for manuscripts that are very close to stated page limits, though this will not typically be possible. Writers workshopping in long form workshops whose projects exceed page limit guidelines will be asked to replace a section of work with a synopsis to be distributed along with their manuscripts.

Q: Will I be able to buy books during the conference? Will I be able to get them signed?
A: Absolutely! Books will be available for sale every evening during social time following faculty readings. Because Kettle Pond is a community-focused event we won’t facilitate formal book signings, to allow all of our and writers are more than welcome to ask our faculty and visiting readers to sign them.

Q: I may need to arrive late/leave the conference early, is that possible?
A: We encourage all of our writers to be on campus for the duration of the conference, though we understand that sometimes travel options are limited and personal and professional obligations can come up without warning. Writers who will need to arrive late or leave early should contact conference staff as soon as they are aware of their plans to ensure someone is available to facilitate check-in/-out.

Q: I’m planning to continue working on my manuscript through the next few months. May I send a longer/more polished version to distribute to my workshop later on?
A: Application samples need only be in the genre a writer intends to work in. Final manuscripts are due following a formal offer of admission. Our application and admission timeline can be found here

Q: I would like to work with a specific faculty member. Is it possible to request a specific workshop? How are workshop assignments determined?
A: Writers may request the workshop or workshops they desire in their application the to the conference. Workshop assignments will be determined based on how well a given manuscript fits the workshop requested and workshop availability on an ongoing basis during our rolling admissions process. Writers are encouraged to describe why they feel working with a specific instructor would most benefit their work in the open comment field at the bottom of their application form. 


Q: How will housing arrangements be made? May I request to live with another writer attending the conference?
A: Housing assignments will be made at random unless writers make specific requests regarding their housing. We expect we will be able to accommodate all requests made in advance. Forms allowing accepted writers to make requests regarding housing as well as dietary restrictions will be distributed after admissions and workshop assignments have been finalized.

Q: I live in the area/don’t wish to stay on campus. Is this an option?
A: Yes, local writers and writers interested in arranging their own housing nearby should contact the conference directly for tuition information that does not include campus housing.

Q: Is camping available on campus? May I camp during the conference instead of staying in campus housing?
A: Yes, writers interested in camping should contact the conference directly for pricing and campsite information.

Q: I would like to camp on campus. Does these option come at a reduced cost?
A: Yes. Please contact the conference directly for reduced housing prices and other relevant information if you wish to camp at Paul Smith’s during the conference.

Q: I won’t be staying on campus, will I still have access to campus facilities?
A: Yes, all writers attending the conference will have access to conference events and campus facilities.

Q: Is there cell phone service on campus?
A: It depends; writers with Verizon service plans will have reliable service on campus, while AT&T customers will have more limited service. Those with other carriers may not have service on campus or in the area. We encourage writers who will be without cell service to think of this as a blessing rather than a curse; we know firsthand that it can enhance the creative impact of the conference experience. Kettle Pond can provide emergency phone numbers for writers who may not have service at the conference and wish to leave them with family, friends, or colleagues. 

Q: Is there wifi on campus?
A: Yes. Wifi is open and free throughout campus.

Q: I have dietary restrictions. Can you accommodate them?
A: Most likely, yes. Kettle Pond can accommodate all dietary restrictions except Kosher. Kosher applicants are welcome to make use of kitchens in campus housing and should contact the conference directly for information on reduced tuition that does not include a dining plan.

Q: Are conference venues/classrooms/housing options barrier free?
A: All venues that will be used for whole-conference events have barrier free-access. Some classrooms and campus housing spaces are not, but we can accommodate writers who require barrier free workshops and housing. Please contact the conference in advance to ensure we are able to schedule your workshop in an accessible space and/or assign housing that accommodates your needs. Some more basic information on accessibility on campus can be found here

Q: May I bring my pet?
A: Pets are not allowed in campus housing. Writers who plan to bring pets should make alternate housing arrangements and contact the conference directly for pricing that does not include housing as well as information on campus facilities and events where pets will be welcome.

Q: Can you accommodate my service animal in campus housing?
A: Most types of service animals are permitted in campus housing for writers with disabilities. Please contact the conference directly if you plan to bring a service animal to ensure we are able to accommodate you as well as our writers with allergies.

Q: May I bring my partner/dependents/random buddy?
A: Absolutely! Writers applying to who intend to bring dependents should note this in their application and contact the conference directly for information on non-attendee pricing for room & board. Writers who wish to attend with a friend, partner, other relative, or collaborative writing partner who intend to take part in the conference should apply separately and note that they wish to live or room together in campus housing.

Q: How does parking work on campus?
A: Parking is included in the cost of the conference and is available throughout the Paul Smith’s Campus as well as at the VIC where some evening events on campus.

Q:What is provided by the conference? What should I plan to bring?
A: Outside of clothing, toiletries, and whatever supplies our writers require for their work and/or workshops, we aim to provide everything our participants will need during conference week. Accepted writers will receive a list of packing suggestions prior to the conference, as well as a list of items our staff has found handy while staying on campus. 

Q:Will I be able to print/make copies on campus?
A: Yes, computer and printer access will be available 24 hours a day during the conference. Access to copying will be available in Paul Smith’s campus library during normal hours.

Q: Are there laundry facilities on campus?
A: Yes, laundry is available in conference housing and included in conference tuition.

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