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Prospective writers are encouraged to refer to our Sample Schedule, FAQ, descriptions of the 2023 Writers’ Residency and information our Generative Workshop offerings, and to contact the conference directly with any questions they may have. Applicants are asked to submit either a very brief work sample or excerpt or a short description of the project they intend to work on while in residence at Kettle Pond. Alumni writers may apply without a sample or project proposal (though we would love to know what you're up to, if you're interested in sharing). Admission to at least one of our generative workshops is guaranteed to all accepted residents and included in tuition. Please note that the 2023 Residency Application is separate from applications for financial assistance. Writers interested in financial aid should see our Fellowships page for more information.


APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2023 RESIDENCY AT KETTLE POND ARE DUE JUNE 14. Please contact our staff with any questions about deadlines or extensions. 

Kettle Pond will never charge an application fee, and deposits are only due once a writer has committed to attending the Residency, following formal notification of their acceptance. 

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