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Writers attending the 2023 Residency at Kettle Pond will be offered a number of Generative Workshop options led by our faculty. Workshops requiring advance manuscript submissions will not be part of this summer's program to allow all of our writers more time to immerse themselves in the generative spirit of the Residency. Admission to at least one workshop will be guaranteed, and we expect all interested writers will be able to register for multiple courses. All events, including workshops, are covered in Residency tuition.

It might be helpful to think of the Generative Workshops is as pop-up events that will occur throughout the week. The workshops will run for roughly 2-2.5 hours each. Some will take place in a single session, while other workshop leaders may choose to split workshop time over two sessions to allow participating writers time to respond to prompts between the first and second workshop meetings. Please see our Sample Schedule for an idea of how you will be spending your time at Kettle Pond.


Workshop enrollment will be capped based upon course design. We aim to hire faculty with diverse aesthetics and teaching approaches, and participant caps for the workshops will vary between workshops with their input. We expect course size to range from a cap of ten writers at the low end and open enrollment to all residents on the higher end. 

Descriptions of our Generative Workshops, and the opportunity to sign up for those courses, will be available once we are further into our admissions process. Workshops will be offered in multiple genres, however there is no need to declare an intention to work solely in any specific genre in your application. We expect many of our writers will choose workshops in the same genre as the project they plan to bring to the residency, but it is fine, encouraged even, to choose a course in another genre or genres.  

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