The Kettle Pond Writers’ Conference aims to accommodate writers of all abilities in our workshops and at our residency. Basic information on accessibility on campus at Paul Smith’s is below. Writers with disabilities should contact the conference directly to discuss any accommodations they may require while on campus. We want to make your week with us as comfortable and productive as possible so please be in touch about any questions or needs you may have. 
Conference Facilities
 Barrier-free access is available in all reading and lecture spaces we will use during the conference, as well as to the dining hall and library. Barrier free housing is available upon request. As a small college, classroom space at Paul Smith’s is limited and Kettle Pond will be using a variety of classroom spaces for our workshops. Most, though not all, of these spaces are barrier free. Writers with accessibility concerns applying to workshop should contact conference staff directly to ensure that classroom space is assigned to accommodate their needs.

Campus & Parking 
 Paul Smith’s campus is relatively small and mostly quite flat, with the exception of the short paths from campus housing in Overlook Hall down to the main quad, which do have a grade. 
 Parking is free and available at the dormitories, throughout the main campus, and at the VIC where evening readings will be held.

Other College Facilities
Paul Smith’s College has numerous recreation and other facilities our writers are welcome to enjoy during the conference. Please see our Housing & Amenities page and our FAQ for more information on these facilities. Many, though not all, of these spaces are accessible. We are currently working to create a definitive list of accessible spaces on campus; in the meantime writers with accessibility concerns are encouraged to contact conference staff directly with any questions about campus recreation and other spaces. We are happy to get detailed answers for you.

Service Animals
 Please let us know the specifics of your situation; we will work to accommodate you as well as our writers with allergies. 

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