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*Please check back or contact our staff with any questions about deadlines or extensions. 

Kettle Pond encourages applications from writers of all backgrounds and levels of experience, and is committed to never charging an application fee. All writers interested in the 2023 Residency at Kettle Pond are encouraged to refer to our Sample Schedule & FAQ, as well as our Prospective Writers & Generative Workshops pages. Application requirements vary for new and returning writers. Please see the guidelines below.

Writers requiring financial assistance will need to submit a brief Fellowship Application to be considered for funding. Please refer to our Fellowships page for more information.

New Applicants to Kettle Pond


In addition to the standard Residency Application, new applicants to Kettle Pond will be asked to submit either a brief writing sample or a project proposal outlining what the applying writer intends to work on during their time in residence (max. 5 pages of poetry or 1,000 words of prose for samples; max. 600 words for proposals).

We look to applicants' writing samples and proposals as a way to get to know our writers' current work and interests, and hope their applications will serve as a means of focusing their goals for their week with us. There are no requirements to work on the project proposed in a given writer's application while in residence at Kettle Pond. We hope all of our writers will find their week with us inspiring. If that inspiration takes their work in a new direction during the week we aim to support and encourage creative exploration.


Alumni Applicants (KPWC '19 & CWC '09-'18)

Alumni of Kettle Pond, and other writers' events previously run by Kettle Pond staff, are welcome to apply through the standard Residency Application without the added requirement of submitting writing samples or project proposals. As we are familiar with your work, we are happy to say, Welcome back! Please note when you last attended a residency or conference run by our staff (and, if you wish, who you worked with) in your application. 


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