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Okay, I'm into it, and was accepted/hoping to get in. How do I get there?


Great news & good question. Details below!


The easiest means of travel to Paul Smith’s College is by car and the campus is located within a few hours drive of most locations in the northeast US. Travel by bus to Paul Smith’s campus from Boston, New York, and Philadelphia is available once daily. Travel by air to the region is also available, though we strongly encourage writers to plan their travel well in advance as public transit schedules to the immediate area are limited as is space on shuttles to and from the conference from Plattsburg, New York. Campus shuttles are only available on Registration & Check-out days, and will need to be reserved ahead of time. Shuttles are $75 each way per writer.


THIS JUST IN: Train service north of Saratoga will not be available for KP'24!!  We just learned this, though Amtrak remains uninformative. Best to read on for more plausible options, but here's the most detailed answer we could get after searching the site. 












For GPS*, Paul Smith’s College address is: 7777 NY-30, Paul Smiths, NY 12970. Writers traveling from in the northeast who do not own a car, or who wish to carpool to offset the cost of driving, should note this in their application and registration forms. We will make every effort to connect admitted writers interested in ride-sharing, and have found this typically works out quite well, but do not facilitate these arrangements ourselves.

*Please note that cell/data service is limited in the region. Writers traveling by car should make sure to download or print out driving directions in advance to ensure a smooth trip.


THIS (ALSO) JUST IN: Bus service to Paul Smith's College is no longer listed as an option on the New York Trailways website (the line that serves the region). Writers should book tickets to Saranac Lake, NY instead. It's possible we can get them to bring you the last 13 miles (we'll get in touch with all writers who register with bus service as their planned mode of travel with more information as we learn it). In the meantime, all registered writers planning to arrive via bus should 1. Let KP staff know their ETA as soon as they book tickets and 2. Rest assured we'll come collect you from Saranac Lake when your bus arrives. We've not lost anyone yet, and don't plan to start this year.


From Boston

Bus service to Saranac Lake, NY is available from Boston (transfer in Albany, NY). Train service from Boston to Paul Smith’s is not currently an option.

From NYC

Bus service to Saranac Lake, NY is available from the Port Authority in New York City on New York Trailways (transfer in Albany, NY). 


Train service from Penn Station to Saratoga Springs, NY, with a transfer to bus service northward is also possible (though it is often more time consuming than taking the bus the whole way). In 2024 Amtrak will not be traveling to Plattsburgh from May 20 – June 30 (which, we agree, is very annoying, believe us).


From Philadelphia

Bus service to Saranac Lake, NY is available once daily from Philly on Greyhound (transfer in Albany, NY). In 2024 Amtrak will not be traveling to Plattsburgh from May 20 – June 30; writers interested in traveling by train will need to transfer to the bus in Saratoga or find other means of transit north from there. 


The closest airport to Paul Smith’s college is the tiny, beautiful Adirondack Regional Airport in Saranac Lake, New York, less than a fifteen minute drive from campus. Adirondack Regional Airport is generally served by two daily flights in the summer season, though flights are only available from Boston Logan International Airport via Cape Air. Writers considering booking flights to Saranac Lake should keep in mind these flights will likely be on a 9-seat Cessna 402C or similar aircraft before making their travel decisions. 

This mode of travel is either a feature or a bug, depending on the writer's enthusiasm for small aircraft. WRITERS INTERESTED IN TRAVELLING VIA CAPE AIR ARE ADVISED TO APPLY AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. WE ANTICIPATE FLIGHTS SELLING OUT EARLY THIS SUMMER GIVEN THE LACK OF TRAIN ACCESS TO THE REGION. Rental cars (extremely limited) are available at Adirondack Regional for writers interested in having access to a car during the week. Shuttles to campus will be available (see you there?) from Adirondack Regional Airport for a nominal fee, but must be arranged in advance.

The closest regional airports are Plattsburgh International Airport in Plattsburgh, New York, or Burlington International Airport in Burlington, Vermont. Plattsburgh International is roughly an hour’s drive from campus; Burlington is roughly two hours away and involves a short, beautiful ferry ride across Lake Champlain (this is a cheap, commuter, car and passenger ferry and runs regularly 24 hours a day; reservations are neither required nor accepted). Writers should ensure their GPS is set to take them through the Grand Isle, VT ferry terminal (service to Plattsburgh, NY), other Lake Champlain ferry terminals have much more infrequent service or are passenger only. A limited number of seats on conference shuttles will be available from Plattsburgh but must be arranged in advance, and are dependent on arrival time. Writers arriving in Burlington should plan to either rent a car, arrange a ride share with another writer traveling to Kettle Pond via northern Vermont, or arrive very early/the day before to ensure they are able to travel on to Plattsburgh before the shuttle departs. 

The closest major airports are Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa International Airport in Ottawa, Ontario -- both over the border in Canada, and both under a three hour drive from campus. Albany International in Albany, New York and Syracuse Hancock are midsize airports, both roughly 3-4 hours away. Please note that Kettle Pond is currently unable to offer shuttle service to campus from any of these locations. Writers planning to fly to these destinations will need to arrange their own travel to campus.


Major airports within the US include Boston Logan, where writers will need to arrange transportation for themselves, and NYC area airports (see information on bus & limited train service above). Both of these locations are five hours away at best, though that drive-time is certainly possible. We can't account for traffic in these cities and encourage writers flying into Boston or NYC from afar to plan accordingly.


Writers traveling from destinations not listed above or those with additional travel questions are encouraged to contact our staff directly with any concerns they may have. We are here to help!

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