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General Packing Suggestions:


The most important thing to keep in mind when packing for the conference is the weather in the Adirondacks, which can be quite erratic in June. Generally, the days are warm and the nights are cool, with frequent, though usually brief, periods of rain, and beautiful sunsets. We recommend that you hope for the best, but plan for three seasons of weather. An umbrella or rain jacket and at least one pair of sturdy closed-toed shoes and/or all-weather sandals can come in very handy. A warm jacket, warm sweats or pajamas, and some pieces to layer with in case of cold weather have also been useful in years past; we hope you won’t need them, but it’s best to have them on hand just in case.


As for the rest, we aim to provide everything essential that you will need during your week with us, but are the first to admit that our linens and towels that come with our on-campus housing are quite basic. We have collected suggestions and things to consider as you pack, some dependent on your mode of transportation and packing space.



  • at least one warm sweater/sweatshirt/fleece/etc. (temperatures at night & inside campus facilities can be quite cold)

  • light and/or mid-weight jacket (see above)

  • at least one pair of long pants

  • rain coat (it typically rains at least one day of the week)

  • at least one pair of sturdy, water-resistant shoes

  • comfortable walking shoes

  • shower sandals/flip flops and/or slippers (apartments have two shared bathrooms for four people)

  • pajamas/sweats (suitable to both warm and cold weather)

  • robe (see “towel” under bedding & housewares)

  • gym clothes/swimsuit (if you plan to use the campus recreation facilities or kayaks)

  • yoga mat + clothing (yoga class will be offered throughout the week)

  • hat(s) (sun hat or wool hat)

  • sunglasses


Bedding & Housewares:

  • warm blanket/sleeping bag (the conference provides blankets but, as we mentioned, it can sometimes get cold at night)

  • extra pillow & pillowcase (the conference provides one pillow and one biodegradable pillowcase)

  • one fitted sheet/twin xl sheet set (the conference provides biodegradable sheets, one fitted, one flat, but we recommend bringing your own if possible)

  • lamp (bedrooms only have overhead lighting; apartments do not have lighting in living room areas)

  • hangers (all rooms have a closet or wardrobe & dresser)

  • towel(s) (one bath towel and one hand towel are provided to each participant, however they are very basic and rather small)

  • any basic kitchen supplies you might wish to have, e.g. a mug, water bottle, cup, utensils, bottle/can opener, corkscrew, etc. (every apartment has a kitchen that is shared with your suitemates, with access to a refrigerator, stove and oven, but no cookware or utensils are provided in any campus housing)

  • coffee maker (coffee is available at all meals)

  • snacks, especially if you plan to arrive before conference registration begins/depart after the conference officially concludes at noon on June 26th (the conference provides breakfast, lunch & dinner, beginning with dinner on Saturday, June 19th and ending with breakfast on Saturday, June 26th; other dining options are in Saranac Lake, which is a 15 min drive away)

  • beverages (the closest market is about four/five miles (driving) from campus)



  • Printed manuscripts (printing is available but printing entire long-form manuscripts is highly discouraged, and library access is limited on weekends when the conference and workshops begin)

  • Printed directions to Paul Smiths (cell service is spotty along the way and if driving you may lose connection)

  • umbrella (again, rain is likely)

  • toiletries (basic staples are available in the campus store during the day, the closest pharmacy is in Saranac Lake)

  • medications/allergy medication, anti-itch cream (for bug bites) if applicable (see toiletries above)

  • flashlight, lantern, or headlamp (walkways are lit, but there are beautiful hiking trails around campus where a flashlight might be useful)

  • bug spray

  • sunscreen

  • reusable water bottle

  • coffee thermos

  • cash (ATMs are available on campus, evening bar is a cash bar)

  • phone & charger (cell service is spotty though wifi is free and available on campus)

  • laptop & charger

  • headphones

  • backpack/satchel/tote

  • pens & paper/notebook

  • extension cord/plug strip

  • hand/dish soap

  • musical instrument (for Friday night's closing celebration, or any evening…)

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