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When is the 2023 Residency at Kettle Pond Writers’?


The 2023 Residency will take place June 17-24 (Sat-Sat).

When are Residency applications due?

Our current application deadline is Wednesday, June 14. We encourage all interested writers to fill out our (free) application as soon as they are able. It's nearly painless and you already know all the answers, we promise. 

Where is the Kettle Pond Writers’ Residency?

The Kettle Pond Writers’ Residency is happy to call Paul Smith’s College our home. Paul Smith’s is located in the Adirondack Park, 13 miles from Saranac Lake, NY and 20 miles from Lake Placid, NY. 

How much does the Residency cost? 


Please see information on Residency tuition here.

What is included in the price of the Residency? 

Residency tuition includes room and board for the entire week, all programmed events, and access to campus academic and recreational facilities. Tuition is designed to be all-inclusive to allow writers to fully immerse themselves in the experience of the Residency. Prospective applicants can find more information on campus housing and facilities on our site. 

Are there scholarships or fellowships available?

Yes, Kettle Pond offers need-based fellowship support. Writers interested in applying for financial aid should read our Fellowships page.


Where is Paul Smith’s College?

Paul Smith’s College is located in Paul Smith’s, NY, inside the Adirondack Park. Campus is 13 miles from Saranac Lake, NY and 20 miles from Lake Placid, NY. 

How do I get to Paul Smith’s College?

Information on travel to Paul Smith’s College can be found on our Transportation page.

Can Kettle Pond help with travel expenses?

Unfortunately, Kettle Pond is currently unable to assist writers with travel expenses; however, we will make an effort to connect writers wishing to ride-share to Paul Smith's once admissions are finalized. Drivers and writers interested in this option are encouraged to contact us in advance; more formal information regarding ride-sharing will be distributed later in the spring.


Is there an application fee?

No. Kettle Pond is committed to removing as many barriers to access of our writing community as possible. In keeping with this philosophy, we pledge to never charge an application fee. 

How do I apply for fellowship support? 

Information on Fellowships can be found here.

On what qualifications are offers of fellowship support based?

Fellowship awards are entirely need-based.


I missed the deadline for the application and/or fellowship. Can I still apply? 

Probably! We're working with rolling submissions for 2023. Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns.


Will I be able to buy books during the Residency? Will I be able to get them signed?

Absolutely! Books will be available for sale most evenings during social hours following faculty readings. Because Kettle Pond is a community-focused event we don't facilitate formal book signings to allow for more informal interactions between all of our writers. We facilitate book sales every evening during social hours, and residents are more than welcome to ask our faculty and visiting readers to sign books during that time. 

I may need to arrive late/leave the Residency early, is that possible?

We encourage all of our writers to be on campus for the duration of the Residency, though we understand that sometimes travel options are limited and personal and professional obligations can come up without warning. Given Paul Smith's location in Adirondack Park, where cell service is often limited, and roads can be quite dark at night, late arrival will generally only be granted to alumni, though we understand that flight delays and other unplanned issues may arise and are happy to work with all of our writers on a case by case basis. Writers traveling a long distance, or with other travel restrictions that make arrival on campus during registration impossible, are encouraged to arrive in the area a day early, and continue to Paul Smith's the following day. Please see our Transportation page and contact Kettle Pond staff with any travel questions.



How will housing arrangements be made? May I request to live with another writer?

Housing assignments will be made based on responses to the registration form, which will be distributed once admissions are finalized. The registration form will allow accepted writers to make requests regarding shared housing and dietary restrictions. We expect we will be able to accommodate all requests made in advance. More information on campus housing can be found here

I live in the area or don’t wish to stay on campus. Is this an option?

Yes, local writers and writers interested in arranging their own housing nearby should contact us directly for tuition information that does not include campus housing.

I won’t be staying on campus, will I still have access to campus facilities?

Yes, all writers will have access to events and campus facilities.

Do you have a Covid-19 policy? 

To protect immunocompromised staff, faculty, and resident writers, Kettle Pond requires vaccination against Covid-19. Boosters are encouraged. Masks and rapid tests will be available in communal areas in campus housing, however Paul Smith’s College does not require masking on campus. We’re open to accommodating your needs as best as we can. Please contact us directly with any concerns regarding this policy.

Is there cell phone service on campus?

It depends; writers with Verizon service plans will have reliable service throughout the main campus, while AT&T customers will have more limited service. Those with other carriers may not have service on campus or in the area. Paul Smith's college has free and open WiFi throughout the main campus and writers without service may be able to connect to WiFi to make calls. We encourage writers who will be without cell service or with limited cell service to think of this as a blessing rather than a curse; we know firsthand that it can enhance the creative impact of the experience. Emergency phones are located near all campus buildings and connect directly to Campus Safety, who can contact either Residency staff or emergency services. 


Is there WiFi on campus?

Yes. WiFi is open and free throughout Paul Smith's College campus.


I have dietary restrictions. Can you accommodate them?

Most likely, yes. Kettle Pond can accommodate all dietary restrictions except Kosher. Kosher applicants are welcome to make use of kitchens in campus housing and should contact us directly for more details.


Are Residency facilities barrier-free?

All venues that will be used for the Residency have barrier free-access except the Forestry Cabin, which can be made barrier-free upon advance request. Please contact our staff or note your needs in your application to ensure we are able to accommodate you. Some more basic information on accessibility on campus can be found here


May I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed in campus housing. Writers who plan to bring pets should make alternate housing arrangements and contact Kettle Pond directly for pricing that does not include housing, as well as information on campus facilities and events where pets may be welcome.


Can you accommodate my service animal in campus housing?

Of course. All service animals are welcome at the Residency and in campus housing. On-campus housing guarantees private rooms for all of our writers, and our resident housing is arranged in pods of four writers with shared communal spaces (kitchen, living room, two bathrooms for each pod). We believe these spaces can help build our creative community during the week, however, because all writers will be sharing space in these pods we ask that applicants with service animals contact us in advance to ensure we are able to safely accommodate our writers with animal allergies as well.

May I bring my partner/caregiver/dependents/random buddy?

Absolutely! Writers who wish to attend with non-applicants should note this in their application. We are open to accommodating creative collaborators, dependents, partners, or caregivers of any kind. Please note your situation in your application and our staff will follow-up upon admission.  

How does parking work on campus?

Parking is included in the cost of the Residency and is available throughout the Paul Smith’s Campus.


What does Kettle Pond provide? What should I plan to bring?

Outside of clothing, toiletries, and whatever supplies our writers require for their work, we aim to provide everything our writers will need during the week. You can find a copy of our suggested packing list for past events here.


Will I be able to print/make copies on campus?

Yes, computer and printer access will be available 24-hours during the Residency. Access to copying will be available in Paul Smith’s campus library during normal hours or by request of Kettle Pond staff.


Are there laundry facilities on campus?

Yes, laundry is available in campus housing and included in tuition. No change or laundry cards needed, though writers will need to purchase detergent on campus or bring it with them.

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