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Application Instructions:

Applicants to all workshops as well as the Writers’ Residency should fill out the application form below. Applicants to the writers’ residency need not submit a writing sample, though for all workshop applicants a writing sample is required (see writing sample guidelines below). Writers requiring fellowship assistance to attend the conference should first read our fellowship guidelines and, if eligible, submit a Fellowship Application in addition to their Conference Application.


Writing Sample Guidelines: 

All writing samples should be submitted as PDF documents and should clearly state the author’s name on the first page of the manuscript. Writing samples need not represent the projects writers intend to pursue in their workshops.
Prose writers should submit a sample of up to 10 pages in length, double- spaced, paginated, using a 12-pt. Serif font, with standard margins. The sample may be a complete chapter, essay, or story,  an excerpt from any of those forms, or composed of multiple shorter pieces. Writers submitting multiple pieces should begin each work on a new page. We realize our prose guideline is on the short side, but writers need not feel constrained by it. We are seeking to get a general sense of your style, and realize this excludes fully rendered pieces for many writers.*


Poets should submit a sample of 3-6 poems, totaling no more than 10 pages, with each poem beginning on a new page.*

*Writers applying to generative workshops are required to submit a writing sample as part of their application, though accepted applicants need not submit a final manuscript in advance of the conference, as their workshops focus on creating new work during the week. 

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